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Let's succeed together in Europe!

The ever-evolving technology and the increase of competition in the start-up environment have left companies no choice but to digitalise and globalise for them to reveal their untapped potential. The only way to thrive under these circumstances is to start transitioning from traditional to digital. With that said, expanding abroad in order to benefit from quality services Europe has to offer has gained significant popularity amongst start-ups and companies in the technology sector.

Start in EU was established in partnership with Harmancı & Partners (Legal and Business Advisory and Elmas Consulting (Start-Up Advisory and Legal Consultancy) to provide a full spectrum of services and innovative solutions for companies that are required for their digital transformation.

Europe, offering different opportunities in different countries for all kinds of set-ups for technology companies and start-ups, has become a rising center for internationally-minded founders and entrepreneurs that would like to expand their horizons and build a sustainable future for their companies.

If you would like to cross this digital bridge Start in EU has established between Turkey and Europe, contact us today!



Three partners with different backgrounds and different expertise came together to help your business succeed. Get to know our team and specialties.